Isaac Isakovich | Corrosion Training Scholarship Testimonial

In 2017, I was awarded the ACA Foundation Corrosion Training Scholarship to attend the NACE Pipeline Corrosion Integrity Management course held in Melbourne. As a Corrosion professional, with experience in the oil and gas sector, initially in Venezuela, and over the last 7 years in Australia, I received this opportunity with great pleasure, considering how important it is for professionals in the Corrosion Control sector to have access to continuous professional development options, especially in the area of Corrosion Integrity Management. The challenges that the pipeline industry faces today, and will face in the future, demand from us the commitment to gain continuous knowledge and experience in order to guarantee long life for our Australian assets. This technical course provided me with excellent tools to be successful in the implementation and management of corrosion integrity programs for pipeline systems.

Isaac Isakovich
Corrosion Engineer
Anode Engineering