Candice Blackney | Corrosion Protection Engineer

In high school I was fascinated by the idea of atoms. I loved learning about what made up the world around us and how it was all dictated by set rules of the universe. I thought it was like magic. I still think it is magic, actually. I particularly loved chemistry for this reason which led me into studying ‘materials engineering’. It was exactly what I loved in high school manifested in a university course

During one of our lectures Phil Hart from Melbourne Water did a presentation on his job in corrosion protection. He made direct links to the classes I had taken in high school and university in electro-chemistry and talked about how they were involved in a career pathway called “Corrosion Protection Engineer”. I was completely sold, applied for a vacation position with Melbourne Water and have never looked back! In current job my I get to apply my love of electro-chemistry in a practical way daily.

Candice Blackney
Corrosion Protection Engineer | Select Solutions