Hannah Watchman | Rail Asset Management

When I was in high school I had no idea what I wanted to do.
I loved the TV show CSI so I chose to study Forensic and Analytical Chemistry. Forensics provided me with a solid understanding of how to approach problems. You have a problem, you form a theory about why it happened and then find evidence to either support or disprove your theory.

While it turns out there are no jobs in forensics the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure were willing to give me a chance. I started in the materials lab which got me involved in coatings and corrosion.
My studies helped me understand the chemistry behind why corrosion happens and the department gave me the opportunity to get out in the world and apply my knowledge practically. I have been all over the state working with bridges and River Murray ferries and I now work in Rail Asset Management helping to provide a safe rail network for the South Australian community.