ALL at SEA Corrosion Curriculum Resource

The Foundation is seeking a sponsor for a corrosion learning resource to enable the promotion and distribution of All at Sea to Science Teacher Associations and Secondary Schools throughout Australia and New Zealand.

This corrosion science curriculum resource for years 9 & 10 secondary school students was developed by the ACA Foundation in partnership with the Victorian ASELL team.

ASELL works with schools to develop Laboratory Learning Activities for lower secondary science and to provide science teacher professional development.   ASELL also builds networks between scientists, engineers, science education academics and science teachers.

science teacher corrosion curriculum ideasUsing the learning resource, students simulate and test which environmental conditions influence the rate of corrosion of different metals and describe the observed changes.
The student, teacher and technical resources comprise a 6-part lesson plan, commencing with recall of key concepts learned in Years 7 & 8 and concluding with presentation of the corrosion investigation, “All at Sea”, as a laboratory report, scientific poster or multimedia presentation.

The Foundation aims to encourage young students in Australia and New Zealand to continue with their STEM studies in their senior years of schooling.